7-Wastes card

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Download the 7-Wastes Card print template 4×6 – Print double-sided on 8.5×11 paper

The audio files below provide basic training resources in support of the 7-Wastes Card.

The Seven Wastes, Audio 18m, 54s (v1.0)

1. Waste of Defects, Audio 14m, 22s (v1.0)

2. Waste of Waiting, Audio 10m, 22s (v1.0)

3. Waste of Excessive Movement, Audio 8m, 51s (v1.0)

4. Waste of Excessive Processing, Audio 10m, 38s (v1.0)

5. Waste of Excessive Production Audio 11m, 52s (v1.0)

6. Waste of Excessive Inventory Audio 9m, 8s (v1.0)

7. Waste of Excessive Transportation Audio 7m, 45s (v1.0)

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