Having evolved from the Toyota Production System, “Lean” has become a mainstay of management for successful business leaders in virtually every industry.  Lean management leads to engaged employees, higher productivity, loyal customers, and sustainable competitive advantage.

In simple terms, Lean is a system of management which focuses the energy and knowledge of empowered employees on delivering maximum value to customers in a highly efficient and safe manner.  The good news for small and midsize business is that the essential principles and practices of the Lean system can be successfully applied to even the smallest of organizations.

This website contains tutorials, tools,  articles and other educational and management resources which support the learning, teaching and practice of the Lean management system.  These resources are organized around the Lean VAISC model which represents Lean as a cycle of five fundamental practices for both managing and improving work processes.

For years, the small and midsize business community has been underserved by many consultants, writers, and business schools when it comes to management ideas and tools. These businesses are often thought of as smaller versions of Fortune 500 corporations – a view which is both inaccurate and unproductive. Fortunately, we are seeing a powerful new remedy for this situation: the effective and scalable Lean management system.

David H. Hinds, Ph.D.

President, Hinds & Associates

Author of The Essence of Lean: A Superior System of Management

Educator, author and entrepreneur, David is passionate about the value and importance of Lean management to the future of American business.

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