David H. Hinds, Ph.D.

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Lean is the best management system in the world.
– Keith Koenig, Co-Founder and Chairman, City Furniture

“Lean is one of the biggest management ideas of the past 50 years.”
– McKinsey & Company


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Process Breakdown Worksheet
5S Event Guidelines
Trust Assessment Tool
Waste Assessment Worksheet
Waste Signals Chart

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5S Five Steps
5S Organizing Events
5S Reduces Waste
Commanding to Coaching
Culture – Lean Culture
Culture – Learning to Partner
Don’t Micromanage, Ask Questions
Don’t Rush It
Flow – Concept of Flow
Flow – Eliminate Bottlenecks
Flow – Improve Steps
Flow – Layout Changes
Flow – Move or Delete Steps
Flow – Reduce Batch Sizes
Flow – Small Experiments
Gemba Walks – Building Relationships
Gemba Walks – Go See, Ask Why, Show Respect
Great Place to Work
Problems are Gems
Process – Breaking Down a Process
Process – Customer Needs
Process – What is a Process?
Stand-up Meeting – Fastcap Morning Meeting
Stand-up Meeting – Heartbeat of the Team
Standard Work – Current Best Way
Stress and Satisfaction
Trust – Benefits of Trust
Trust – How to Use Trust Assessment Tool
Visual Controls – Action Cues
Visual Controls – Finders
Visual Controls – How-To’s
Visual Controls – Paul’s Kitchen
Visual Controls – Performance Trackers
Visual Controls – Real-Time Displays
Visualize Work
Waste – Assessing Waste
Waste – Concept of Waste
Waste – Four Types of Waste
Waste – Power of Observation
Workspaces – Physical and Virtual