The tutorial files listed below are for use by the facilitator who conducts the training sessions.  Refer to the Lean Management tab of this website for further instructions.



M1: Lean Primer I Overview, Checklist (v1.0)

M1: Lean Primer I Overview, Notes (v1.0)

M1: Lean Primer I Overview, Audio 22m, 41s (v1.0)


M2: Lean Primer II Method, Checklist (v1.0)

M2: Lean Primer II Method, Notes (v1.0)

M2: Lean Primer II Method, Audio 23m, 9s (v1.0)


M3: Lean Primer III Culture, Checklist (v1.0)

M3: Lean Primer III Culture, Notes (v1.0)

M3: Lean Primer III Culture, Audio 20m, 50s (v1.0) 


M4: Visual Controls, Checklist (v1.0)

M4: Visual Controls, Notes (v1.0)

M4: Visual Controls, Audio 11m, 58s (v1.0) 


M5: Waste Finding, Checklist (v1.0)

M5: Waste Finding, Notes (v1.0)

M5: Waste Finding, Audio 11m, 18s (v1.0) 


M6: 5 Whys Technique, Checklist (v1.0)

M6: 5 Whys Technique, Notes (v1.0)

M6: 5 Whys Technique, Audio 13m, 54s (v1.0) 


M7: 5S Organizing, Checklist (v1.0)

M7: 5S Organizing, Notes (v1.0)

M7: 5S Organizing, Audio 17m, 1s (v1.0) 


M8: Standard Work, Checklist (v1.0)

M8: Standard Work, Notes (v1.0)

M8: Standard Work, Audio 17m, 49s (v1.0) 


M9: Stand-Up Meetings, Checklist (v1.0)

M9: Stand-Up Meetings, Notes (v1.0)

M9: Stand-Up Meetings, Audio 12m, 14s (v1.0) 


M10: Gemba Walks, Checklist (v1.0)

M10: Gemba Walks, Notes (v1.0)

M10: Gemba Walks, Audio 15m, 17s (v1.0) 



E1: The Seven Wastes, Checklist (v1.0)

E1: The Seven Wastes, Notes (v1.0)

E1: The Seven Wastes, Audio 18m, 54s (v1.0)


E2: Waste of Defects, Checklist (v1.0)

E2: Waste of Defects, Notes (v1.0)

E2: Waste of Defects, Audio 14m, 22s (v1.0)


E3: Waste of Waiting, Checklist (v1.0)

E3: Waste of Waiting, Notes (v1.0)

E3: Waste of Waiting, Audio 10m, 22s (v1.0)


E4: Waste of Excessive Walking, Checklist (v1.0)

E4: Waste of Excessive Walking, Notes (v1.0)

E4: Waste of Excessive Walking, Audio 8m, 51s (v1.0)


E5: Waste of Excessive Processing, Checklist (v1.0)

E5: Waste of Excessive Processing, Notes (v1.0)

E5: Waste of Excessive Processing, Audio 10m, 38s (v1.0)


E6: Waste of Excessive Production, Checklist (v1.0)

E6: Waste of Excessive Production, Notes (v1.0)

E6: Waste of Excessive Production Audio 11m, 52s (v1.0)


E7: Waste of Excessive Inventory, Checklist (v1.0)

E7: Waste of Excessive Inventory, Notes (v1.0)

E7: Waste of Excessive Inventory Audio 9m, 8s (v1.0)


E8: Waste of Excessive Transportation, Checklist (v1.0)

E8: Waste of Excessive Transportation, Notes (v1.0)

E8: Waste of Excessive Transportation Audio 7m, 45s (v1.0)