The Journey Begins

As an organizational leader, you encounter plenty of obstacles such as employee problems, excessive costs, and hard-to-please customers and stakeholders.  Lean management has proven to be an incredibly effective way of addressing these problems and smoothing out your path to success.

Lean management is a unique blend of work improvement and culture-building practices that leads to unparalleled employee engagement, lower costs, loyal customers and sustainable growth in both sales and profitability.

This website contains management and employee training resources which can be used to cover specific topics or to install a complete Lean system within a business or business unit having less than 150 employees.

The training program was built around the unique and well-tested “Essence-of-Lean” model which is explained in my book, The Essence of Lean: A Superior System of Management.

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“Without respect, there can be no trust.  

Without trust, there can be no enduring success.”

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